19 Weeks Pregnant

Welcome to your 19th week! You are almost halfway through! This calls for a celebration! At this point in your pregnancy journey, you might feel a bit tired and maybe even a bit lazier than usual. Your sleeping patterns might not be the best as you probably feel a bit heavier with the extra weight of your everyday growing bump!

But do not get too lazy though, start moving around, do some chores to get your energy back on, or go on and start working out to release the stress and to help you sleep better. You can do as many activities as you like but make sure you do not overdo it as you do not want to tire yourself out again! Always have balance. 

On the other hand, your baby is growing nicely and gracefully. He now has a protective skin cover of vernix caseosa, which is a white, cheese-like cover that protects your baby’s skin from getting the birth wrinkles. 

Your baby is now developing his lungs with the primary airways called the bronchioles. So, developing on the inside and doing some exercises on the outside! You might feel that exercise moves in the shape of random kicks! But if you did not feel those kicks, do not panic, you will start feeling them probably by next week or even sooner.

Changes Happening in Your Body by Your 19th Week

By this week, your bump is growing bigger and bigger, and after a few more weeks, you will appreciate every little thing you could do easily like putting on a sock or even match a pair of shoes. 

If you have decided to become more active these weeks, then you should keep in mind that some exercises could become uncomfortable such as jogging. The reason why you would feel so is because of your hormones as they loosen up your ligaments and relax your body which leaves your body without its usual support. 

In the meantime, your baby is practicing karate in your belly, or at least it feels like it! Within the past and the upcoming few weeks, you will be able to feel more of your baby’s kicks and even tell whether it is a kick or a punch.

Having Some Sleeping Trouble?

Most people answer pregnant ladies’ sleeping complaints with the same line “wait till the baby comes”, it does not help us feel better though as sleeping troubles can affect us badly, starting with experiencing fatigue and tiredness to feeling anxious or even depressed.

If you are having a sleeping problem, do not neglect it as it could affect your mental health, make sure to always address the issues that can cause you any discomfort. Here are some of the home remedies for a better sleeping ritual:

  • Practice “Beditation” which is a mixture of meditation and some simple stretches specially designed to help you fall asleep faster. 
  • Try changing your sleeping position to sleeping on your side while using a pillow to support your belly and another pillow between your knees. 
  • Try getting professional medical advice if you have tried more than once to fix the problem but it persists. 

Symptoms of the 19th Week of Pregnancy

By the 19th week of your pregnancy, you should be able to enjoy your days with less annoying symptoms, this trimester is known for being the easiest one of the three. So, if you are having extremely painful or annoying symptoms, make sure to contact your doctor for a quick check-up. 

If you are not one of the lucky ones who live this trimester without the annoying symptoms, you might experience some symptoms such as:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Tiredness 
  • Sore breasts
  • Leg cramps
  • Stretch marks
  • Thicker hair
  • Swollen gums
  • Urine infection 
  • Bloating or constipation
  • Spotty skin
  • Feeling too warm
  • Greasier skin
  • Shinier hair

Your Baby’s 19th Week Development

Photo by Tommy’s

Your baby has been busy growing up so much over the past few weeks, he now weighs about half a pound and is around 15.3cm in length. He is now about the same size as a couple of chicken breasts or even the size of beef tomato.

Not only that your baby is growing bigger and bigger, but he is also now fattening up with a greasy, cheese-like coating, it is called the vernix caseosa and its job is to keep your baby warm and protects your baby’s skin from the surrounding amniotic fluid which could result in the baby having a wrinkly skin at birth. 

No need to worry though, your baby will look completely normal at birth as the coating stars shedding as the time passes up till the delivery day is here. 

However, if your baby is born a bit early, he might still have some of those coatings on his skin. So, if you noticed any early delivery signs, consider looking up some anti-wrinkling creams for your baby. 

This Week’s Tips

Reduce Your Sun Exposure

During pregnancy, many women experience skin discoloration, staying for too long in the sunlight appears to make those spots or discolorations even worse with time. 

To prevent this, try wearing a hat outside as well as wearing long sleeves instead. Also, try to use a sunscreen with 30 SPF or higher even if you are not going out.

Eat Healthy

Pamper yourself with all of your food cravings this trimester. Just make sure it is a healthy combo including fiber, iron, and calcium. While eating all your favorite meals, try eating small meals throughout the day to prevent painful gas. 

Consider a Childbirth Class

Childbirth classes start around your third trimester, however, some of those classes have a waiting list. You should start looking for a good one starting now. Those classes will help reduce your anxiety towards the delivery process and prepare you for a smooth birth.

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